Rachel’s Thoughts: A Poem To God

O Lord, your name forever stands engraved

Upon my heart; your mercy flawless craved

And sought with open arms to me receive;

I knelt before your throne and first believed.

Through many trials and temptations sore

I came, recalling oft the load you bore

That lightened was by grace and Father’s love;

By symbols formed: the cross, the fish, the dove.

Too trite, I feel, this poem my be for you,

Yet words are small and flow, I find, too few

For me to say the feelings in my heart,

Pierced as it is by your celestial dart.

Lord, I am not perfect, nor all white,

But for me came your son to conquer night,

His victory to me impart and free

My captive chains that once imprisoned me.

I live now free, a slave with liberty,

A life endowed with Christ’s own purity

And if I ever hope to pass those gates,

I will beseech the Lord who for me waits.

So may I close with words from time immortal

Who written were for men at death’s dark portal,

And giving them the credit for my boast

Forever praising Father, Son and Ghost.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow from high

Praise Him all creatures, drying tearful eye,

For he has come to take away all pain

Till Heav’n at last shall come to us again.


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