Rachel’s Thoughts: Sonnet: How to Train Your Dragon

Another sonnet, this one slightly more ludicrous than the last.


The dragon lays so still, a crumpled heap

Of scales and flame, a smoldering wreck of glory.

His eyes are shut; he rests now; snores, asleep.

So great his tale, unparalleled his story.


Once great he soared, the monarch of the skies,

Then caught by stealth, the trap of one young boy.

In fear he fled, in pain and turmoil cries;

His tail a hole had grown, the kid’s smart ploy.


He crashed to earth and hid within a vale,

He rescued him, on brink of death and saved

The frightful beast, although with cheeks so pale

And friendship grew; companionship they craved.


So thus came Toothless, joining Hiccup gladly.

He sleeps there now till Death will claim him sadly.


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