Rachel’s Thoughts: Seattle Physics Trip

My Physics class went to Seattle for three days this week. The trip was mainly an assortment of tours, including the zoo, Boeing, FLOW, and assorted other amazing places. We also went to a Mariners game (and made it on the fancam!)!

We had lunch at Snoqualmie Falls, before we got to Seattle. The guys were playing hacky-sack.

Group picture above the falls…yes, I’m in it. Brownie points if you know which one I am. šŸ˜‰

When we got to Seattle, the first stop was the Flight Museum. This is myself and two friends in one of the airplanes.

Jackie milked her 18th birthday for all it was worth, and talked the Ferrari man into letting her sit in one of the cars. The guys were all jealous. šŸ™‚ The next picture was taken at dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory on Friday night.

ThisĀ is Jackie (daughter of Jim Nance, who wrote a popular Logic course) against the Sci-Fi Museum wall.

This was us at the Space Needle. The guy in the back in the red is Jim Nance, our Physics teacher.

When we came out of theĀ souvenirĀ shop at the Space Needle, at least seven of our classmates were perched precariously on a big concrete sphere. One of the guys was standing alone on top with his arms up in the air. The other boys were leaning out (almost horizontal–I was impressed), feet planted firmly on the curved sides, holding hands to stay up. The girls tried it, but didn’t achieve anywhere near the same effect.

This is Jeremiah. This is what he does.

At Ivars, they like you to feed the seagulls. So, we did…that is, the girls did. The guys tried. Cy tried to video the seagulls snatching the french fry by hooking one to his camera… Willi tried to feed them a fry that had been dipped in hot sauce (the gulls were too smart for that!), and apparently they just didn’t like Matt.

The last thing we did before coming home was a little cruise of Puget Sound. This is the waterfront. The weather was perfect, completely stereo-typical for Seattle. Like London, I always expect it to be gray and rather drizzly.


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