Rachel’s Thoughts: A Series of Unusual Events, Part 3: Flathead Lake Monster

Flathead Lake is an innocent lake in Northern Montana, the largest freshwater lake in the Western United States. But does some mysterious creature lurk beneath its tranquil surface?

Like Loch Ness, rumors have flown for decades regarding a mysterious beast dwelling in the water. Witness accounts describe the creature in ways that make it closely resemble Nessie; similarities which have led to speculation regarding its authenticity. Perhaps the monster of Flathead Lake is a myth created to attract more tourists…but like Loch Ness, several different people have ‘seen’ the monster-or evidence of it- over several different years in several different locations.

In fact…my parents and I recently spent a weekend at Flathead Lake, and while we were sitting on a dock reading one morning large wakes rocked the dock. We didn’t see what caused the waves (all three of us were, as I said, reading), but when we looked up as the dock wiggled around, there was nothing on the lake. There were no boats, swimmers, jet skis, or any other man-made devices that could have caused the wake.

Is the Flathead Monster simply folklore…or something more?



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