Rachel’s Thoughts: On to Summer

Someone whose name I can’t remember once said “Don’t cry because it’s over–smile because it happened!”

Summer is a wonderful thing. But so is the rest of the year–making new friends, getting to know said friends, and then in the end, leaving said friends. Leaving is hard. Saying goodbye is harder. That’s why God helped us invent Kleenex.

But Kleenex boxes do run out of tissue, and we need to stop sniffing wetly. Summer is a dry season–dry on the grass, dry on our faces, and slow for the Kleenex people. Even if a chapter you feel like you just started has suddenly closed with a snap, you still got a glimpse of it. Which would you rather have-a glimmer of heaven or a boring something else? Memories are made to be..made…and in some ways memories are like stories. The only good stories come from the incidents that were absolutely horrid at the time (biking in a thunderstorm and hail… not fun, but fun later), and good memories always come with pain. Pain is what makes them good. Like plastic boxes around cakes.

Summer is made to be enjoyed. So enjoy it! Get out of the house. Leave the Kleenex box in its plastic wrapper in the closet. Go biking in that thunderstorm. Live life to its fullest and make more memories!


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