The Fool and His Folly

The fool’s attention wanders, never focuses on wisdom (Prov. 17:24). He ignores all consequences (Prov. 9). He is persuaded that his way is the right way, so there is no reason to listen to others (Prov. 14:12; 28:26). He thinks he will always get away with it, but he will be exposed (Prov. 15:3). He goes with his feelings, not realizing that they can mislead (Prov. 14:8). Of course, the fool feels the consequences of his behavior at times, and he might even have glimpses into how he has brought pain on others (Prov. 17:25), but consequences are no deterrent (Prov. 27:22). The destructive pattern is repeated because folly is enjoyed (Prov. 26:11).

Welch, p. 58.

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