Constructing Idols

The heart’s instinctive plotting in this idol construction is amazing. We know that we are called to imitate God. This means that we are to live for God’s glory, not our own. We are to make him famous, not ourselves. A noble calling, to be sure, but we choose to forsake it or “exchange” our calling and give glory to idols instead (Rom. 1). This is a surprising move but it is quite purposeful on our parts. You see, being created in God’s image is somewhat humbling to our sinful nature. It means that we are not the ultimate original. We do not get glory for ourselves, and we are totally dependent on the One whom we imitate. To avoid this, we renounce our imitating status and turn to objects of worship that we hope will give us what we want.

Ed Welch, Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave, p. 49.

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