We Always Serve Someone

Amos was born a slave, he was raised a slave, and he is a slave as an . He hates everything about being a slave. He hates being obligated to do what his master tells him to do. He hates having other slaves rule over him. He hates being accountable, to his owner, for his time every moment of every day. He hates what he sees as the heavy handed treatment he suffers at the hand of his owner.

Amos hates the fact that he was not able to pick where he lives or what he does for a living. He hates not having a say in his health issues. He hates having to ask permission to do pretty much everything he does or wants to do.

Every glance, thought, action, and emotion shows how strongly Amos hates his master. When his owner tells him what to do Amos resents it with every fiber of his being and he rebels at every opportunity. When his master is out of sight Amos gossips about his master, misrepresents him, slanders him, and tries to lower the master in the eyes of his fellow slaves. Amos runs away every chance he gets and when he is dragged back he comes kicking and screaming.

Robert, on the other hand, was born a slave, was raised a slave, and is a slave as an . But whereas Amos hates being a slave, Robert loves it. He loves having a master who cares for his every need. He loves the fact that he doesn’t have to worry about what he will do during the day and into the night. He likes being accountable to his master and to those the master has placed over him. He views his master’s interaction in his life as a blessing and rejoices in the fact that the owner cares so much about him.

Robert likes where he lives and is grateful that his master thought enough about him to ask him to do what he does. He trusts the owner to take care of his physical needs and the needs of his family and he exults in the opportunity to serve such a gracious owner.

Every thought, glance, action, and emotion shows how strongly Robert loves his master. When the owner tells him what to do Robert warms to his master with every fiber of his being. When the master is out of sight, Robert talks about him in warm terms, words filled with respect and admiration. When his owner speaks, Robert is the first to jump to obey. He looks forward to serving the master at all hours of the day or night.

The interesting thing about Amos and Robert is that they both serve the same master. Jesus Christ laid down his life as a ransom for many. Amos and Robert were both bought with a price, they belong to God almighty, maker of Heaven and earth. One rebels in anger, the other submits in love.


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