I Trust Him Because He Loves Me

Again, Tom writes:

Similarly, if one of the tests of the canon of scripture is whether or not it leads you to another God besides the one found in the Bible, and if your reason for believing that the God of the Bible is the word of the true God primarily because the Bible says so, how do you know that a writing that leads you to another God is not, in fact, leading you to the true God (who may not be the God of the Bible at all)? Perhaps this other God also has his or her own scriptures that say that he or she is the true God (and that all others are wrong).

It seems to me that in the case of the policeman, you need an authority to tell you that this is truly a policeman. A badge is helpful, and your gut feelings about whether this fellow really could be a policeman or not are helpful, but a government that backs up the man’s claim to be a policeman is the best proof. There you have something solid.

Hi Tom,

Beyond what I wrote in my last post, Douglas Wilson wrote a little piece as part of his “What I Learned in Narnia” series. You can find it here: http://www.dougwils.com/index.asp?Action=Anchor&CategoryID=1&BlogID=3203.

To this I would add that I know the Bible is the word of God because I know him. He is my savior, my redeemer, my God, my Lord, and my friend. I know that my redeemer lives and he has not left me or his people without a word. The bible is that word. I have been a Christian my entire life and nothing has shown itself to be in opposition to what I find in the Scriptures.

Occasionally I have questions, but because I know God I’m happy to wait for him to reveal the answers either in this life or the next (or never at all). Because God loves me and I know it full well, I am content to wait on him. I trust him.


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