Part 2: Logistics

The parish boundaries are arranged in a purely geographic way, with no real rhyme or reason, other than that they seek to have similar numbers of people in each. What this means logistically is that if a family lives in a particular place, the families are automatically members of the parish that covers that geographic area. However, this arrangement is not so wooden that people can not belong to another parish if they want. If a particular family has an affinity with folks who live in another parish, the HOH may ask the elders and can participate in the other parish even though they don’t live in the geographic area of that parish.

For ease of reference, the Parishes are named after famous dead Reformed Christians. Currently there are eleven parishes: Wishart (the north side of town), Baxter (the east side of town), Tyndale (the west side of town), Wycliffe (the north east side of town), Ridley (the east side out of town), Brown (south out of town), Cranmer (Central North in Town), Latimer (Central South in Town), Cargill (Viola area), Goudimel (Potlatch area), and Hooper (Pullman area).

The parish system serves three main functions in the Christian community:
1) It helps the leaders of the flock to lead the sheep.
2) It helps the flock to interact with one another for fellowship and edification.
3) It serves as the vehicle through which the government of the church is worked out.


3 thoughts on “Part 2: Logistics

  1. Thanks. I've wondered how a church as large as yours manages, but I guess it works out with a parish system and a session large enough to oversee it. About 60 members per elder would probably be about a dozen households, which makes it seem more manageable.

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