Quote of the Day

The medical tes because the urge to drink feels like a disease. It feels like something else takes over when alcohol is available. For those who never struggled wit hit, it is easy to say that alcoholism is a self-conscious, immoral decision. But for those who experience it, it feels like anything but a decision. If there is a decision being made, it feels as if it is a disease that does the choosing…

But there is more to the popular disease approach. If you have ever been to an AA meeting, you know that while the use is always spoken of in disease terms, the cure is decidedly moral. There are no medications dispensed or surgeries to be had. You arrest the course of the disease by saying no. You both give up your will to a higher power and determine, with the help of others, to live an abstinent life. According to the AA tradition and the disease , you are not responsible for the cause but you are responsible for the cure…

If the solution does not involve a technological or chemical corrective, that is strong evidence that our problem lies in the area of our choices and commitments, not our bodies or brains. It must. Otherwise abstinence would not be enough to tame the disease…

The Bible says that we first choose our addictions, and only then do our addictions choose us.

[Welch, Edward T., Blame it on the Brain (Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co., 1998), pg. 186, 190, 191]

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