Quote of the Day

The church is God’s incarnation today. The church is Jesus’ body on earth. The church is the temple of the Spirit [1 Co. 3:16]. The church is not a helpful thing for my individual spiritual journey. The church is the journey. The church is not a collection of “soul-winners” all seeking to tell unbelievers “the Way” to God. The church is the way. To be part of the church is to be part of God—to be part of God’s communion and to be part of God’s ministry. To belong to the people of God is to enjoy relationship with God and love out the purposes of God. The church is God’s present-day word and witness to an unbelieving world. And, most importantly, the church is the only true means to be transformed to [sic] into the likeness of God. [Tod E. Bolsinger, It Takes a Church to Raise a Christian (Brazos Press, 2004), p. 17]


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