Quote of the Day: Evangelism

The debate, historically speaking, has been over whether the doctrinal means Arminianism has chosen to protect its concerns actually carry it to the ends which it desires. On the Arminian understanding, Christ’s brings only the possibility of salvation which may, or may not, be realized. The difference, then, is that “Calvinism recognizes a dimension of the saving love of God which Arminianism misses.” Packer argues, “namely God’s sovereignty in bringing to faith and keeping in faith all who are actually saved.” This gives an entirely different perspective on the meaning of God’s love, on the complete helplessness of sinners to respond unaided to that love, on the exact nature of Christ’s , and on the role which gratitude plays in a salvation to which sinners contribute nothing but their own sin. [David F. Wells, Above All Earthly Powers (Eerdmans, 2005), p. 244]


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